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#Название игрыMagnet
1The Seven Deadly Sins Knights of Britannia PS4 DUPLEX
2The Sexy Brutale Full House Edition PS4 DUPLEX
3The Technomancer PS4 DUPLEX
4The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition PS4 DUPLEX Только на PlayStation
5The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition PS4 DUPLEX
6This War of Mine The Little Ones PS4 DUPLEX
7Titan Quest PS4 DUPLEX
8Toukiden Kiwami PS4 DUPLEX
9Toy Soldiers War Chest Hall of Fame Edition PS4 DUPLEX
10Tropico 5 PS4 DUPLEX
11TT Isle of Man PS4 DUPLEX
12TT Isle of Man Update v1 02 PS4 DUPLEX
14The Silver Case
15The 25th Ward The Silver Case
16The Golf Club 2
17The Voice / La Voz
18The Golf Club
19The Sexy Brutale Full House Edition
20The Escapists
21TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge