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#Название игрыMagnet
1Walking Dead Collection, the
2Walking Dead The Complete First Season ,the
3Walking Dead: A New Frontier, the
4Walking Dead: Michonne, the
5Walking Dead: Season Two, the
6Warhammer 40k Deathwatch Tyranid Invasion PS4 DUPLEX
7Warhammer The End Times Vermintide PS4 UNLiMiTED
8Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
9Warriors All Stars PS4 Playable
10Wasteland™ 2 Director's Cut
11Watch Dogs
12Watch Dogs Complete Edition
13Watch Dogs 2
14Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition
15Watch Dogs: Complete Edition
16Watch Dogs 2 PS4 DUPLEX
17Wayward Sky Только на PlayStation
18We Are Doomed
19Werewolves Within VR PS4 DUPLEX
20What Remains of Edith Finch
21Whispering Willows